"The Stack" 8-21-16

The Olympics are done. Closing ceremonies took place Sunday night in Rio signaling an end to the games of the 31st Olympiad. See you in Tokyo in summer of 2020. Eric Seals-USA TODAY Sports
The Olympics are done. Closing ceremonies took place Sunday night in Rio signaling an end to the games of the 31st Olympiad. See you in Tokyo in summer of 2020.
Eric Seals-USA TODAY Sports
Carmelo Anthony's international basketball days are done. After winning his third gold medal, he announced his retirement from Team USA.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Stack is back on this Monday and we return to a sense of normalcy today after watching 16 straight days of some of the best sports competition you will ever see.  The world united and descended on Rio and Brazil.  We have some final reaction to the Olympics plus a couple of other headlines so let’s get right to it and see what’s in “the stack” for today, Monday, August 22nd:


Rio games come to a close


The games of the 31st Olympiad in Rio have come to a close and what a magnificent two weeks it was.  We saw the best athletes in the world put on a show and saw some truly spectacular things from what Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps did in the pool to what Simone Biles did in women’s gymnastics.  From Usain Bolt on the track to Brazil’s men’s soccer team on the pitch, we were treated to some jaw-dropping moments we will never forget.  The Olympics bring people together.  They aren’t for everyone.  I for one am sad to see them go, but am a little glad to get my life back now (so is my wife). 


Unlike some, I will not bash NBC for what they broadcast and whether or not all of the events in primetime were live.  Some people have a major issue with that, but remember, every event could be streamed live on the NBC Sports app and at  The IOC is responsible in part for setting the schedule for the events at the Olympic games.  NBC works with them and can’t show everything live, but when you consider all of the channels that were showing Olympic coverage (NBC, NBCSN, USA, MSNBC, CNBC, Olympic basketball and Olympic soccer) that is quite the endeavor to produce everything.  There is always room for improvement, but I always love the way NBC puts on the Olympics and was not disappointed by what happened.  The fact that Rio is only two hours ahead of the central time zone really helped too.  That will not be the same for Tokyo Japan (Summer Olympics 2020) or PyeoungChang, South Korea, for the Winter Olympics in 2018 as they are 14 hours ahead of the central time zone.  That happens and we will certainly make the best of it.


We’ve likely seen the last of some great Olympic legends in Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Kerri Walsh Jennings and others including Carmelo Anthony (more on him in a moment).  We need to remember these people for what they did because the spectacle that they put on was second to none.  Phelps and Bolt are arguably (maybe not) the two best Olympic athletes we’ve ever seen.  That’s not to take away from what the other thousands of athletes did and some of their performances that helped land a gold, silver or bronze.  America dominated the medal stand with 121 total medals (46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze).  Brazil won gold in men’s soccer for the first time in history in front of their home fans.  It was a spectacle to behold.  I am sad to see the Olympics go, but will remember the great times and the great action over the last couple of weeks and look forward to the Winter Olympics in 2018 and for the other Olympics in the future.  Thanks Rio!


Ryan Lochte takes “full responsibility”


American swimmer Ryan Lochte took “full responsibility” for his actions and what took place in Rio regarding the saga you no doubt already know so much about and are quite frankly sick of.  Lochte and three other American swimmers vandalized a bathroom at a gas station and were approached by security guards who did show them their guns, but the story is nowhere near what Lochte said.  Lochte sat down for an interview with Matt Lauer of NBC whom he had spoke with by phone earlier in the week an essentially lied to.  He dyed his hair back to brown from that awful looking white, which I have to think was done prior to the Olympics to steal some of the limelight from Michael Phelps.  He shamed Team USA and his actions overshadowed some of the tremendous athletic competition going on in Rio.  Watching the interview on Saturday, I’m sorry, but I’m not buying what he was saying with his apology.  He’s sorry he got caught.  He’s sorry that he may lose millions of dollars (if he makes that) in endorsements because of his actions and subsequent lying.  Lochte is a weasel.  Sure he has won 12 medals and is a well-decorated swimmer, but he by no means is a role model which he says he wants to be.  Good luck with that Lochte.  You shamed America and embarrassed your teammates.  You caused way more trouble for your fellow American swimmers who were with you that night.  They have nowhere near the success or money that you have yet you skedaddled out of the country so you wouldn’t have to talk with authorities.  You are a fraud Lochte.  And while this is not a nice Christian thing to say, I really hope nothing good comes your way the rest of your career.  You need to right quite a few wrongs and until that happens, you will be a sports villain to quite a few people and just an overall bad person.  Good riddance to you.


Carmelo Anthony’ Olympic career is done


Carmelo Anthony’s international basketball career is done.  He announced his retirement from international competition after Team USA beat Serbia 96-66 for the gold medal on Sunday.  He leaves as the most highest scoring player in Team USA history.  He has three gold medals.  No other American basketball player has that.  This may be Anthony’s crowning basketball achievement as he still has not won an NBA title.  Maybe that is why winning all of these gold medals means so much to him.  He was the leader of this team in Brazil and will not receive any criticism from me nor should he from anyone else.  Sure there may be questions about his NBA play and style, but he was a leader on this team and has been since coming to Team USA.  It really showed this year and his play along with his leadership were big reasons why Team USA won another gold medal (Coach K has a lot to do with it too).


NBA moves all-star game


The NBA has officially moved this upcoming season’s all-star game to New Orleans.  You may recall the NBA removed the game from Charlotte because of the North Carolina bathroom bill that essentially limits anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay and transgender people.  It’s a good move by the NBA and the state of Louisiana certainly needed the piece of good news after all of the devastating rains and floods they have been dealing with lately.  Charlotte will still be in the mix for the NBA All-Star game in 2019.  


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